Window Cleaning in Lake Stevens, WA

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Lake Stevens Window Cleaning Service

lake stevens window cleaning service residential professional window cleaning service house commercial

Clean windows are one of life’s simple pleasures.

I have been performing residential window cleaning services in Lake Stevens since 2010.  I deliver fantastic results with my professional equipment and thorough workmanship.

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Screens & Skylights

residential skylight cleaning screens cleaned residential service exterior window washing

Upon request I can also clean screens and skylights.  If you can see dust building up on your home’s screens then it’s time to get them washed.

I clean screens with a light pressure washing.  This will remove dust and debris from the screen and the frame.  For a standard house, this will cost around $100 on top of the window cleaning price.

Get your screens washed.  Don’t breath in dirty air anymore.

Do you have dirty skylights?  I can remove tree sap, bird droppings, and slimy algae from your skylights.  If accessible, exterior skylight washing is included in my exterior window cleaning bids.