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Martha Lake Roof Cleaning Services

Does your home in Martha Lake have a dirty roof?

I clean composition shingle roofs. Common methods include soft washing, brushing, and air blowing.  The roof cleaning method used will depend on your needs as well as what’s on your roof.

After moss is removed, I recommend treating the roof with zinc sulfate powder.  It’s economical, effective, safe for your roofing material, and most popular among contractors and homeowners.

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Roof Moss Removal and Brushing

Moss removal, roof brushing, and moss killer treatment

Roof moss removal is an important part of home maintenance.  Moss retains moisture which can rot your home and eat away at your roofing material.  Removing debris promotes a long life and will prevent rotting.

I offer a gentle brushing service.  When using the brush method, moss is first agitated until it’s loose and then it’s gently blown off with a backpack air blower.

After removal, a moss treatment is recommended and should be reapplied about once a year depending on how much shade your house gets.  I apply 10 pounds of treatment for $40.  I don’t use laundry detergent or bleach; which can ruin your shingles.  I use Corry’s Moss-B-Ware which is specifically designed for roofs.  This treatment will kill off any remaining traces of moss and will coat your roofing material to prevent future growth.

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Martha Lake Roof Power Washing: Pressure Washing

roof power washing service

Power washing can make an old home look new.  Slime, dirt, discolorations, and algae can be removed from your composition shingles with a power washing service. Call today for a quick, free estimate.


Roof Moss Killer Treatment: Zinc sulfate

Roofs can turn into gardens for moss if they go untreated.  Moss treatments kill off moss and make it difficult for it to return.  I recommend you get an annual zinc sulfate application to keep your roof clean.  If you get a lot of shade, you may want to apply zinc twice a year.

For a normal sized house, I apply 6 pounds of Corry’s Moss-B-Ware powder for $60.  Be careful of what product some contractors use.  Tide soap looks like moss killer powder and actually does kill moss; however, it’s soapy characteristic damages roofs and breaks up your roof granules.  Bleach spray causes shingles to curve and bend upwards at the corners.  I always use a certified moss killer product specifically designed for roofs.

Roof Air Blow Cleaning

Air blowing is an effective method to remove leaves, pine needles, and branches.  Getting your roof blown off will remove debris, will allow water to properly flow into your gutters, and will make your home look nice.  I’m an experienced, professional cleaner.  I work with proper ropes, a harness, anchors, and tie-offs to get the job completed in a safe manner.

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