Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal Service

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Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Service

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Roof Cleaning Service

Do you have a dirty roof that needs cleaning in Snohomish County, WA?

I clean composition shingle roofs. I offer a simple cleaning service for loose debris like branches, leaves, and pine needles.

I also offer a more comprehensive cleaning, which will remove loose debris as well as moss, slime, and most discolorations.

After the the roof is cleaned, I recommend treating the roof with zinc sulfate powder.  It’s economical, safe for your roofing material, and is the most popular chemical for treating moss.

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Roof Moss Pressure Washing

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Roof Moss Pressure Washing Service

Pressure washing can make an old home look new.  Slime, dirt, discolorations, and algae can be safely removed from your composition shingles with a gentle roof pressure washing service.

Pressure washing a roof is the most popular cleaning method here in the Northwest because of the moss, algae, and discolorations that build up.  The picture to the right is a typical roof cleaning example; before and after it gets washed clean.

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Roof Air-Blow Cleaning

Air blowing is an effective method to remove leaves, pine needles, and branches.  Getting your roof blown off will remove debris, allow water to properly flow into your gutters, and will make your home’s roof look nice.  I’m an experienced, professional cleaner.

Moss Killer Treatment: Zinc sulfate

A moss treatment is recommended for composition roofs and should be reapplied about once a year. If you get a lot of shade, you may want to apply zinc twice a year. If you are completely surrounded by trees, it may take 3-4 treatments per year to keep the moss from growing back. The more shad you get, the quicker moss will grow back.  Regular, repeat applications will keep your roof moss free.

My house get a good amount of sun. I apply zinc powder to my roof once per year and it stays moss free.

Warning: do not apply laundry soap or bleach.  Laundry soap is not suitable for roofs and will leave a white residue (and may contain bleach).  Bleach is not suitable for roofs! Bleach will dry out asphalt, which will warp it and crack it. This will also cause accelerated granule loss. After bleach warps and cracks the asphalt shingles, leaks occur.

Instead of bleach, I recommend zinc sulfate. This is the same product in Corry’s Moss-B-Ware and it can be found in Lowes and Home Depot.  Zinc sulfate powder is safe for your roofing material and is the most popular moss killer treatment.

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