gutter and roof cleaning service roof moss pressure washingHi my name is Jake, and I’m the owner and founder of Jake’s Gutter & Roof Cleaning; a local exterior house cleaning company.  To protect us both, I am licensed, bonded, and insured.

I’ve been working in the home improvement and house cleaning business since high school and I’ve been in business for myself since 2010.
I’m experienced, dependable, and thorough in my cleaning services.

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Gutter Cleaning Service

Roof and Gutter cleaning is my main service.  I offer my gutter cleaning service to buildings and homes up to two stories tall (sometimes three depending on the home).

Visit my gutter cleaning page for more info.

gutter cleaning downspout repair service

Roof Cleaning Service

roof cleaning service air blowing moss killer compostion pressure washingI clean composition shingle roofs.  Air blowing (for leaves/needles) and pressure washing (for moss) are the 2 different roof cleaning methods I offer.

Backpack air blowing is a simple cleaning method that will remove branches, leaves, and pine needles.  Roof pressure washing will remove all debris, including moss, slime, and most discolorations.

After cleaning your roof, for an additional charge, I can apply a zinc powder moss killer treatment (same thing as Corry’s Moss-B-Ware) to help prevent future moss growth.

I’m an experienced and professional roof cleaner, and am also licensed, bonded, and insured.

Visit my roof cleaning page for more info.

Pressure Washing Service

I offer pressure washing services on surfaces like roofs, driveways, patios, and sidewalks.  I treat your property like it was my own and I work hard to protect your surfaces while providing great results.

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Terms and Conditions

Payments are due within 20 days of service.
Zelle payments can be made to Jake@HandymanJake.com.
I also accept check, money orders, or cash (Tax applies to all forms of payment).

BIDS: Bids are given based on what can be seen online and/or on photos. JGRC reserves the right to re-bid a job once the job is seen in person. JGRC also reserves the right to cancel the job, at no cost, once the job is seen in person. The customer will have the opportunity to refuse or accept the new price for any job that is re-bid.

ORAL CONTRACTS: In this industry, it is common to discuss prices over the phone or in person. Any oral agreements made by JGRC and anyone on-site will constitute as an official agreement. Also, e-mails shall constitute as official agreements.

ROOF and/or GUTTER CLEANING: Gutter cleaning is performed by JGRC with a variety of tools and methods. Cleaning the gutters means clearing debris to allow water to flow down the downspouts. Gutter cleaning does not include cleaning any underground drainage systems or pipes. The customer assumes full responsibility for underground drainage systems.

Working on or around homes can result in paint chipping off of gutters, siding, decks, etc. The customer assumes full responsibility for any and all accidental paint chips.

Gutter corners may randomly start to leak, especially on older homes. JGRC does not seal leaky gutters. The customer assumes all responsibility for any and all gutter leaks that may be discovered after a roof or gutter cleaning.

JGRC works with care; however, all personal items left outside are liable to get dirty or broken, including plants. The customer assumes all responsibility for any personal items and plants outside. JGRC recommends that the customer places all items inside their home, or at least 50’ away from the house.

JGRC does not offer any type of landscape cleanup or any type of yard clean up. By contacting JGRC, you the customer are assuming full responsibility for any and all yard cleanup. JGRC will blow off hard surfaces such as decks and driveways, but will not perform any type of yard cleanup.

JGRC only guarantees that the roof and gutters are clean on the day of service. Tree debris can fall at any time, making the roof and gutters dirty again. JGRC does not come back out for free to clean any mess made after the cleaning. The customer shall be responsible for dirty gutters or roofs starting the first day after the service date.

PRESSURE WASHING: JGRC works with skill and care; however, damage may occur to the home or any surface during pressure washing. The customer shall hold JGRC harmless for any accidental damage. Some homes have inadequate weather stripping, which may allow for water to enter inside the home especially around windows, skylights, and doors. The customer shall hold JGRC harmless for any water that gets inside the home, including any resulting damage from the water.

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